"You got to know Eric Nyhammer, 46, as the captain of the Rollo during Season 2 of Deadliest Catch. He led an eclectic and somewhat artsy mix of crew members aboard the 107-foot house forward vessel
owned by his father Siven. Like the Skaars, Eric has strong Norwegian fishing roots and knows how to run a boat in the Bering. He once said, “It's still man against Mother Nature out there, so you can't get too over-cocky. You gotta know just how smart you are.”

After skippering the Rollo for the king crab '07 season, Eric joined the crew of the North American to work the deck, working both boats for king crab. In his spare time, Eric is an artist working in oils and pastels, and comes off as mellow and laid-back; however, he shouldn’t be underestimated. From what folks say, he really likes to lead and doesn’t have a problem speaking his mind!" Beyond the deck, Eric is the father of three children and says he does the show so they can see him at work and in his element."

Links: F/V Rollo Website, Eric on Myspace